If we should name one thing that defines all of us here at Cadillac, than that would definitely be PASSION. Passion for quality and respect.

    For safety innovation, superlative craftmanship, distinctive design and every tiny piece that goes into our vehicles. We want to encourage and reward all passionate goal driven executives who are all about shaping their future and the future of the companies they work for. That is why we created the CADILLAC EXCLUSIVES PROGRAM: a series of special packages and prices for our selected range of Cadillacs exclusively available to our participating corporate partners.


    By becoming our corporate partner you are not just accessing great packages and benefits. You become a part of the Cadillac family.

2017 ATS

Success isn’t measured by “could’ve” or “should’ve”. It’s measured by been there and done that. Precise. Exact. Exhilarating.This is the new Cadillac ATS Luxury Sedan.

2017 XTS

The Cadillac XTS Luxury Sedan is a tribute to enticing comfort, spacious design, performance with a tenacious purpose and intuitive technology.


Taking an American icon and elevating it to extraordinary new heights, which previously existed solely in the hearts and imagination of the world’s finest designers and artisans.

2017 CTS

From its signature LED lighting to its ingenious lightweight aluminum doors and its remarkably powerful engines, every detail of the beautifully crafted Cadillac CTS Sports Sedan makes it stand out among the world’s finest on the road.

2017 ATS-V

With roots in the performance racing circuit, the ATS-V Coupe and Sedan are built to rule the left lane as easily as they rule the track. Featuring a range of refined interior features and sporty exterior lines, you’ll find the edge of your seat never looked or felt so good.

2017 CTS-V

The CTS-V Sedan proves performance and elegance can be combined with stunning results. Offering a supercharged engine with responsive power and a cabin precision-fitted with refined materials and features, this is the peak of comfort and performance.

2017 CT6

With the first-ever CT6, Cadillac embarks on a bold journey that sets the new standard for excellence. Innovatively engineered and beautifully crafted, the CT6 combines advanced technology with breathtaking design.


Underneath its striking looks, the 2017 XT5 seamlessly combines a spacious, versatile cabin with a suite of high-tech features and cut-and-sewn materials. It’s a crossover that leaves no room – or need – for compromise.


    • 24/7 roadside assistance
    • One of the largest dealer networks in the  Middle East
    • Cadillac trained and certified technicians
    • Genuine parts manufactured to meet the exact specifications of your vehicle
    • One-stop shopping for all your service needs
    • The largest automotive service provider in the Middle East
    • A chain of Quick Service outlets/ACDelco quick service centers available across many minor locations, for a convenient geographical reach.


    • Complimentary service and maintenance for
      4 years / 100.000 km
    • Warranty for 4 years / 100.000 km
    • Regional roadside assistance for 4 years
    *Terms and conditions apply

    The service and support will be provided by trained and certified technician throughout the wide coverage of our dealers network.

The above mentioned benefits, as well as special packages and prices for our selected range of Cadillac are only available to our exclusive corporate partners enrolled in the CADILLAC EXCLUSIVES PROGRAM.